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Dr Anil Shaji

Professor Quantum Information and Quantum Technologies... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Chandra Nath

Professor Material Synthesis, Magnetism, Superconductivity, ... View Profile

Dr Manoj AG Namboothiry

Associate Professor Organic Opto-electronics, Organic Inorganic Hybrid... View Profile

Dr Shaijumon Manikoth

Associate Professor Research activities of Dr. Shaijumon are focused i... View Profile

Dr Joy Mitra

Associate Professor Surface Science, Plasmonics, Nanoscale Imaging, Lo... View Profile

Dr Kumaragurubaran Somu

Associate Professor Materials processing- bulk crystal growth, Thinfil... View Profile

Dr Soumen Basak

Associate Professor Cosmology... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Kini

Associate Professor Terahertz Science, Ultrafast optics, Semiconductor... View Profile

Dr Madhu Thalakulam

Associate Professor Elelctrical transport in low dimensional and nanos... View Profile

Dr Bindusar Sahoo

Associate Professor String Theory... View Profile

Dr Sreedhar Dutta

Assistant Professor Statistical Physics... View Profile

Dr Deepshikha Jaiswal-Nagar

Assistant Professor Vortex phase diagrams of high temperature supercon... View Profile

Dr Amal Medhi

Assistant Professor Computational Techniques. Electronic properties o... View Profile

Dr Ravi Pant

Assistant Professor Brillouin scattering, nonlinear optics, optical co... View Profile

Dr Bikas Chandra Das

Assistant Professor Scanning Probe Microscopy, Memristors, Thin Film T... View Profile

Dr Suheshkumar Singh Mayanglambam

Assistant Professor Biomedical Instrumentation and Imaging... View Profile

Dr D.V Senthilkumar

Assistant Professor Nonlinear Dynamics; Non-integrable systems... View Profile

Dr Vinayak Kamble

Assistant Professor Materials Science, Condenced Matter Physics, Nano... View Profile

Dr Tanumoy Mandal

Assistant Professor Particle physics phenomenology, beyond the Standar... View Profile

Dr Tuhin Subhra Maity

Assistant Professor Magnetism, Spintronics, Materials Science and Engi... View Profile

Dr. Shabnam Iyyani Syamsunder

Assistant Professor High Energy Astrophysics... View Profile