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Prof Rajan MP

Professor Working on Inverse Problems, Data Science, ML-Algo... View Profile

Prof Utpal Manna

Professor Stochastic (Geometric) Partial Differential Equati... View Profile

Dr Geetha Thangavelu

Associate Professor Algebra, Representation Theory... View Profile

Dr Sarbeswar Pal

Associate Professor Algebraic Geometry... View Profile

Dr Shrihari Sridharan

Associate Professor Complex Dynamics, Ergodic Theory... View Profile

Dr Nagaiah Chamakuri

Associate Professor Numerical analysis and scientific computing, Opti... View Profile

Dr Saikat Chatterjee

Associate Professor Category theory, Differential Geometry... View Profile

Dr Srilakshmi Krishnamoorthy

Associate Professor Number Theory... View Profile

Dr Viji Z Thomas

Associate Professor Group Theory, Commutative Algebra, Homological Alg... View Profile

Dr Devaraj Ponnaian

Associate Professor The research deals with the analysis of certain ... View Profile

Dr Sheetal Dharmatti

Associate Professor Control of Partial Differential Equations... View Profile

Dr Sachindranath Jayaraman

Associate Professor Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis... View Profile

Dr K R Arun

Associate Professor Partial Differential Equations... View Profile

Dr Samya Kumar Ray

Assistant Professor Functional Analysis,Fourier Analysis,Operator Alge... View Profile

Dr Jyothsnaa Sivaraman

Assistant Professor Algebraic Number Theory, Sieve Methods, Applicat... View Profile

Dr Mohammed Ramiz Reza

Assistant Professor Operator Theory and Functional Analysis... View Profile

Dr Asha Dond

Assistant Professor Finite Element Methods... View Profile

Dr Dhanya Rajendran

Assistant Professor Nonlinear Analytic Techniques in PDE... View Profile

Dr Sudarshan Kumar Kenettinkara

Assistant Professor Partial Differential Equations... View Profile