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Prof George Thomas K

Professor Interested in the general areas of photochemistry ... View Profile

Prof Sukhendu Mandal

Professor Inorganic Solid State Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Cr... View Profile

Prof Jarugu Narasimha Moorthy

Professor Organic Photochemistry, Organic Materials Chemistr... View Profile

Prof Kana Sureshan

Professor Organic chemistry, Supramolecular chemistry, Cryst... View Profile

Prof Mahesh Hariharan

Professor Spectroscopy, Physical Organic Chemistry, Biophysi... View Profile

Dr Alagiri Kaliyamoorthy

Associate Professor Development of new synthetic strategies, asymmetri... View Profile

Dr Subrata Kundu

Associate Professor Inorganic Synthesis, Bioinorganic chemistry, Catal... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Rasappan

Associate Professor Asymmetric synthesis, cross-coupling reactions, or... View Profile

Dr Rajendar Goreti

Associate Professor Asymmetric Total Synthesis,Asymmetric catalysis an... View Profile

Dr Gokulnath Sabapathi

Associate Professor Macrocyclic systems,Bioinorganic Chemistry,Planar ... View Profile

Dr Vennapusa Sivaranjana Reddy

Associate Professor Expertise in study of molecular excited-states usi... View Profile

Dr Vinesh Vijayan

Associate Professor NMR structure determination... View Profile

Dr R S Swathi

Associate Professor Theoretical and Computational Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Ajay Venugopal

Associate Professor Inorganic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Reji Vargheese

Associate Professor Expertise in the synthesis of new organic molecule... View Profile

Dr. Pushpita Ghosh

Assistant Professor Theoretical physical chemistry and chemical physic... View Profile

Dr Jerry Alfred Fereiro

Assistant Professor Bio-molecular electronics, low temperature current... View Profile

Dr Ramaraj Ayyappan

Assistant Professor Inorganic, coordination and Organometallic Chemis... View Profile

Dr. Rajendra Kurapati

Assistant Professor My main research work interests lie at the interfa... View Profile

Dr Ravi Yadav

Assistant Professor Structurally Constrained Compounds, Lewis Superaci... View Profile

Dr Veera Reddy Yatham

Assistant Professor Catalysis... View Profile

Dr Thirumurugan Alagarsamy

Assistant Professor Materials Chemistry - Metal organic frameworks, me... View Profile

Dr Muthukrishnan Azhagumuthu

Assistant Professor Electrocatalysis for energy and biomass conversion... View Profile

Dr Soumen De

Assistant Professor Supramolecular Chemistry, Molecular Machines and s... View Profile

Dr Basudev Sahoo

Assistant Professor (Asymmetric) organic synthesis, Metal catalysis, ... View Profile

Dr. Adithya Lakshmanna Yapamanu

Assistant Professor Our research interests are broadly in the directio... View Profile