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Prof Srinivasa Murty Srinivasula

Professor Cell biology, Cell Signalling, Autophagy... View Profile

Prof Nishant KT

Professor Genetic recombination, DNA repair, Genome Stabilit... View Profile

Prof Hema Somanathan

Professor Ecology... View Profile

Prof Tapas Manna

Professor Mammalian cell division, chromosome segregation... View Profile

Dr Satish Khurana

Associate Professor Specialization in adult stem cells of blood. Exper... View Profile

Dr Jishy Varghese

Associate Professor Drosophila... View Profile

Dr Ravi Maruthachalam

Associate Professor Plant Centromere Biology, Genome Stability, Haploi... View Profile

Dr Stalin Raj Victor

Associate Professor Virology, Emerging infectious diseases, Virus disc... View Profile

Dr Ramanathan Natesh

Associate Professor Infectious Disease: Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Tr... View Profile

Dr Ullasa Kodandaramaiah

Associate Professor Evolutionary Ecology, Biodiversity, Diversificatio... View Profile

Dr Amrutha Swaminathan

Assistant Professor Biology... View Profile

Dr Sanu Shameer

Assistant Professor Cellular metabolism in plants and parasites using ... View Profile

Dr Vijay Jayaraman

Assistant Professor Biochemistry, Enzymology, molecular evolution, sys... View Profile

Dr Yashraj Chavhan

Assistant Professor Fitness trade-offs; multicellularity; phenotypic p... View Profile

Dr Nishana Mayilaadumveettil

Assistant Professor Chromatin organization, Nuclear Architecture, Geno... View Profile

Dr Bandan Chakrabortty

Assistant Professor morphogenesis,predictive modeling, biostatistics, ... View Profile

Dr Nongmaithem Sadananda Singh

Assistant Professor Molecular Biology, Genome Editing, Protein... View Profile

Dr Sabari Sankar Thirupathy

Assistant Professor DNA Repair & Mutagenesis, Bacterial Genetics & Gen... View Profile

Dr Nisha N Kannan

Assistant Professor Circadian rhythm, neuronal circuitry of sleep, mem... View Profile

Dr Poonam Thakur

Assistant Professor Identifying molecular mechanisms of Parkinson's di... View Profile

Dr Sandhya Ganesan

Assistant Professor Broadly interested in host-pathogen interaction an... View Profile

Dr Kamalakannan Vijayan

Assistant Professor Host-Parasite interactions, Nutrient trafficking b... View Profile